‘Yellowstone: 1883’ Prequel To Begin Filming This Summer

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The future of Yellowstone is finally clear.

Well, not the future of John Dutton, Beth Dutton, Kayce Dutton, Rip, Tate… ok, you get it… the future of the characters is VERY uncertain, but we at least know when it’s coming back.

Announced last week, Paramount Network finally came clean on a fall release for the highly-anticipated Season 4 of the show, and according to Deadlinewe’re looking at early November of this year.

They also revealed a number of new cast members for Season 4, as well as the news that Will Patton will take on a more substantial role as Jamie Dutton’s biological father, Garrett Randall.

And yeah, November sucks, but I’d rather know now than continue to be kept in the dark.

Here’s the Season 4 teaser if you missed it:

But Season 4 isn’t the only news in Yellowstone land.

Two different spinoff series are also in the mix, one titled Yellowstone: 1883 and another starring Ryan Bingham and Jefferson White that is based at the iconic 6666’s Ranch in Texas.

And while little is known about the Yellowstone: 6666 spinoff, Yellowstone: 1883 is set to be a prequel of sorts, showcasing the very beginning of the Dutton Empire, and the treacherous journey across the Great Plains to modern day Montana.

And once again according to Deadline, the show should begin filming in Texas this summer.

“The spinoff series tells the story of Manifest Destiny that brought settlers seeking an escape from poverty into conflict with the Native Americans who lived on the unspoiled plains.”

There’s still no word on a target date for the premiere of Yellowstone: 1883, but if we’re lucky, it’ll be ready to go right as Yellowstone Season 4 wraps up and fans won’t have to endure the agonizing hiatus that we’re currently on.

Fingers crossed.

During the Super Bowl, they said it would be coming in 2021, however that seems like a longshot now that the regular series is not premiering ’til November.

Either way, the Yellowstone: 1883 teaser got fans PUMPED.

 “I don’t care if you live or die, but should you live, you tell ’em about me.”

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