Morgan Wallen Shares Unreleased Old Demo, Says “This One Kinda Got Me Fired Up”

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Morgan Wallen is back on Instagram once again to share some new music.

Just a couple of weeks ago, he shared a new tune on his feed, a song he co-wrote with Miranda Lambert called “Thought You Should Know.” The unreleased tune was written as a heartfelt letter penned to his mom.

He’s also been out on the town again, recently doing a surprise performance at Kid Rock’s bar in Nashville of his songs “Wasted On You” “Sand In My Boots” and “Whiskey Glasses”.

Other than a post where he was fishing with Eric Church in late April, he’s seemingly tried to stay out of the public eye for the last couple months.

In a letter addressed to his fans in April, he did thank them for their support through his label suspension and being dropped by his booking agent, while also noting that he would be back out “sooner rather than later”.

No details for anything music or tour-wise have been released at all since that post, though it was confirmed there was a now-postponed arena tour in the works for 2021/2022.

Here’s part of what he said in that letter:

“I’m back in Nashville getting back in the swing of things and you guys can rest assured that I’m looking forward to giving you guys what you deserve, especially after all you’ve done for me.

My story is far from over and getting back out to see y’all is is all I can think about. So just know it will be sooner rather than later.”

And, while that letter confirmed that he doesn’t plan on going on tour this year, it seems possible that we can’t quite count out a new song or two just yet.

Who knows exactly what all that really means at this point, but it does make you wonder if he plans on releasing something else this year. Especially considering the fact that this is the second new track he’s shared in just a couple weeks after quite a bit of silence on social media.

From another story on his Instagram today, it appears he was headed home after a fishing trip to North Carolina when he uploaded the old demo, saying:

“Long drive going thru old demos… This one kinda got me fired up.”

It’s an ode to living a simple life in the country and carrying that upbringing with you wherever you end up. While it appears this one doesn’t have a name quite yet, it actually reminds me a lot of some of his other songs in “Country A$$ Shit,” “Still Goin Down,” and “Whatcha Know ‘Bout That”.

Check out some of the lyrics:

“You can take the boy out of the country
Take the beer out of his hand
You can spend all kinds of money 
To sophisticate a man
You can take him out his blue jeans
Throw away his camo hat

But you know you can’t teach an old dog new tricks
It’s just as simple as that
You can take the boy out the country (x3)
But that country’s still in your boy”

Here’s a clip of the song:

It remains to be seen what he means by “going through old demos” and why he’s doing that (if it means anything at all).

Maybe he’s itching to play music again after his long hiatus, or maybe he just wants to give his fans something to chew on for the time being.

But either way, in spite of all the controversy he’s been through, it looks like he’s slowly starting to step back into the spotlight.

“Thought You Should Know”

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