Morgan Wallen Dropped By Booking Agent WME

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The dominos continue to fall…

At this point, I don’t really feel the need to reiterate everything that’s gone on in the past 24-48 regarding Morgan Wallen… it’s common knowledge. He’s been suspended by his label, dropped from CMT and the ACMs, booted from country radio… and while I don’t think his career is over by any means, he’s gonna be on a long, hard timeout until some changes get made.

And honestly, he could probably use a good timeout right now. When terms like “trainwreck” and “self-destruct” are getting thrown around left and right, you gotta stop and evaluate what the hell you’re doing. Sometimes paying for mistakes turns into learning how to not make them again.

Anyways, according to Billboard, WME has dropped Morgan from their roster as well.

William Morris Endeavor is the premiere booking agency in the country music business, and pretty much any talent business. They pretty much handle booking for just about everybody.

Here’s the video of the incident:

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A beer bottle on a dock