Planning For A Morgan Wallen 2021/2022 Arena Tour Reportedly Halted

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By now, we’re all aware of everything that has gone down since the news about Morgan Wallen’s racial slur first broke.

He’s been suspended indefinitely by his label, removed from country radio as well as many playlists on Apple Music and Spotify. He’s ineligible for ACM Awards this spring, he was removed by CMT, dropped by his booking agency… for all intents and purposes, Morgan Wallen was virtually removed from the face of country music.

However, as we also all know, his streaming numbers remain incredibly strong, topping the Billboard 200 chart for six straight weeks.

Morgan has since apologized, but with concerts still virtually nonexistent, plenty of folks in the media and on socials have been asking how long will Morgan really be punished? Both supporters and detractors want to know what this “suspension” really means.

An anonymous entertainment lawyer tells Billboard that a “suspension” is simply a means to “kick the can down the road” unless the details are clearly specified.

“It would seem to mean that they’re waiting to see whether the public is satisfied with the steps that have been taken to rectify the situation.”

Seems like the lawyer probably hit the nail on the head. Right or wrong, that’s how things tend to go in the entertainment industry.

However, according to another source via Billboard, Morgan’s label Big Loud has pressed pause on any promotion and planning for what was expected to be a 2021-22 arena tour. Back when it was announced that he was dropped by WME, his booking agency, it was reported that he was working on a big headlining arena tour for 2021/2022. The venues would be more than three times the size of the ones he had been performing in.

Will that be canceled all together? It seems unlikely, but now that would be another story…

In the event that concerts resume this fall like many are suspecting they will, forgoing an entire area tour  would be a substantial loss for both Morgan, and everybody with their hand in his live show (a lot of people). Will that actually happen or is this just a pause in the “planning” right now? Once the dust clears so to speak, will they get back on track to start booking shows for this upcoming tour?

It all remains to be seen… we’ll just have to wait and see.

Once again, here’s Morgan’s apology video that was released on February 10th.

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