Phil Mickelson & Tom Brady Will Square Off Against Bryson DeChambeau And Aaron Rodgers In A Golf Match

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We may have the golf match of the century, folks.

It’s time for round two of Capitol One’s “The Match,” which features a couple of pro golfers and celebrities playing against each other.

Last year, we saw Phil Mickelson and Charles Barkley (arguably the worst golf swing on the planet) obliterate Payton Manning and Steph Curry last year.

And this year, we have something even better in store.

Phil Mickelson, whose coming off a win at the PGA Championship, is teaming up with the GOAT, Tom Brady.

On the other side? We have the “Mad Scientist” Bryson DeChambeau and Mr. Discount Double Check himself, Aaron Rodgers. Although, no shade to Lefty… but a Brooks Koepka/Bryson DeChambeau tilt would’ve been PERFECT, given their antics this past weekend.

This is set up for greatness. We have two of the biggest names on the PGA Tour facing off, along with the two best veteran quarterbacks in the NFL. And not to mention, TB and Aaron Rodgers aren’t slouches themselves at the game of golf.

You already know that the shit talkin’ is gonna be through the roof, but of course, the whole thing is for a great cause too, as all winnings will go to charity.

On top of that, “The Match” will be hosted at a badass venue at Moonlight Basin in Big Sky, Montana on July 6th.


And it appears the shit talkin’ has just begun:

God bless it.

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