It’s Never Been More Obvious That Brooks Koepka HATES Bryson DeChambeau… And I’m Here For It

Brooks Koepka wearing a hat

When you look at the thousands of players who play golf professionally, you’re gonna get a broad range of personalities.

A wise man once told me that in order to be great at golf, you gotta be a genius, or simply… not give a shit at all.

And that saying resonates perfectly for Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka.

DeChambeau, dubbed the “mad scientist” of the PGA Tour, measures everything about his golf game to a tee. I mean seriously, he dips his golf balls in water before a round to determine the “balance,” whatever the hell that means.

Then you have Koepka, notorious for being insanely laid back, and has even claimed that he very rarely practices golf, One may think this isn’t a good method for a pro golfer, but hey, he’s won four major championships. I guess it works for some people.

When you put two personalities like this together, there’s bound to be a few disagreements. Or rather, outright distain…

And that’s exactly what we saw this past weekend at the PGA Championship.

They’re obviously not big fans of each other, when Bryson got upset at a fan during a practice round for calling him “Brooksy.”

He replied:

“Whoever is calling me Brooksy needs to get out of here.”

And then, only a few days later, Koepka was explaining in an interview that it was difficult for him to make putts on the course. Then, DeChambeau walked by him and said:

“Just gotta start it on the right line.”

Koepka was so annoyed, he had to start the interview over.

“I fucking lost my train of thought hearing that bullshit…fuckin’ Christ…”

This isn’t the first spat the two have had, as Koepka has noted his frustration for the guy multiple times.

And he definitely has the upper hand, as he’s won four majors, while Bryson’s won one. But hey, whatever’s going on between the two, it makes some damn good television….

I’m here for it.

And so is the rest of the internet:

At the end of the day though, this is all that matters…

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