Parker McCollum Has An Unreleased Song Called “Speed” That I Hope Is On The Next Album

It’s no secret that Parker McCollum has been in the studio working hard on his third full-length album.

He’s said before that it’s coming in July, so it’s probably too late at this point now to put in a request if that’s the actual time frame, but a girl can dream, right?

He has a song called “Speed” he’s played once or twice, and it is right up in Parker’s wheelhouse.

It’s about being young, wanting nothing more than to live your life at 100 miles an hour and go as fast as you can. A coming-of-age song that reminds me a lot of his other fan-favorite “Young Man’s Blues”… it even has shades of Alabama’s #1 hit “I’m in a Hurry (And Don’t Know Why).

He uses the speed of a car to symbolize the rush of power that speed, both literally and metaphorically, can give you. Yet ultimately, he gets advice from his dad telling him that it will get old and eventually, you have to slow down and focus on other things:

“I came in going at 100 miles an hour
There’s just somethin’ bout the speed that gives you power
It gets blurry in a hurry on the edge
Just might lose your mind when that light’s hittin’ red

Hammer down, never stickin’ around, head harder than a tree
Foot on the gas, never lookin’ back, and always ready to leave
I remember shakin’ my head when my old man told me
Boy one of these days, you won’t always be hung up on speed.”

At least, that’s what I could gather from this minute and fifteen second clip of it:

I already have the chorus stuck in my head from watching the video again while I’ve been writing this… so needless to say, it’s pretty damn catchy.

If it’s not too late, maybe this one will make the track list for what we can assume will be the title of this next project, Gold Chain Cowboy.

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