Ashley McBryde Releases Live Performance of “Voodoo Doll”

Ashley McBryde has been releasing live performances of her songs from her new EP, Never Will: Live From A Distance.

She’s already put out a few in the lead up to the release on May 28th, like “Shut Up Sheila, and I can’t wait to have the whole thing out so I add it all to my playlist.

And recently, she put out “Voodoo Doll”, and of course because Ashley’s a badass and one of the best in the business right now, it’s great.

The story of this song is so unique, where a woman who is betrayed by her man starts to feel every affair he’s had and is having as if it’s happening to her… like I said, a very unique concept I don’t know if I’ve ever heard put in a song quite this way before:

“I keep smelling cigarettes
Feel that pretty black dress slipping off her back
I don’t drink rum but I’m chasing it
Rollin’ off her tongue, every drop, you ain’t wastin’ it
Those lips on her neck, needle in my chest
Ooh, she’s makin’ my skin crawl
You got yourself a voodoo doll

It’s one hell of a curse
I know she ain’t sleepin’ ’cause I ain’t sleepin’
Damn, those kisses hurt
They ain’t gonna stop
So, I’ve been keeping salt around my door
Red candle burning
Better light one more, it ain’t workin'”

Do yourself a favor and watch this today:

And, another one of her live performances of “Velvet Red”:

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