Miranda Lambert And Company Release Another Stellar ‘Marfa Tapes’ Track, “Anchor”

Miranda, Jon and Jack just don’t miss.

They released another track from The Marfa Tapes, “Anchor,” and it’s basically a continuation of all the awesome stuff they’ve already put out in the lead up to their new album that will be available in its entirety on May 7th.

This song is quite a contrast to the one they put out right before this, though, because “Am I Right or Amarillo” was a stone cold country cheating song. “Anchor” features Jack Ingram taking the lead on the vocals and singing about how madly in love with this girl he is.

Here’s a taste of the chorus:

“Be my anchor,
Pull me under,
In this river here tonight,
Cuz I can’t breathe,
When I’m with you,
When I’m with you,
I can fly”

It’s slow, sexy and closes with the Texas wind whipping in the background. It doesn’t get any better than that, does it? All of the tracks they’ve released so far have been different from the last and I love it.

They sound so distinctively Texas, which only enhances the rawness of the tapes they recorded on their trip to Marfa. Not doctored up or edited for the radio.

Just three incredibly talented musicians, a tape recorder and an acoustic guitar…

Is it May 7th yet?

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