Thomas Rhett Releases New Single “Country Again,” Easily The Best Song He’s Put Out In YEARS

Is Thomas Rhett back?

This project has been a long time coming for Thomas Rhettand with the release of his new single, it seems like he might finally be turning a corner back towards his country music roots.

I mean, the man went from releasing songs like “Beer With Jesus” back in 2013, to singing straight up pop-country for the past seven years.

However, it appears that quarantine has put him in a better headspace, given him some time at home to think about his next step in the country music industry, and now here we are… on the way is a new album called Country Again.

Due out April 30th, he’s released couple new ones from Side A, but prior to that, he was teasing a TON of new songs throughout quarantine.

We heard one called “More Time Fishin,” and then he debuted another new one around Father’s Day called  “Things Dads Do.”  He followed that up with a true story about meeting a “Death Row” inmate, a new one called “Mamaw’s House,” and another called “That’ll Be Us Someday.”

It was pretty encouraging to see one of the genre’s biggest (and “poppy-est”) stars start to make a shift towards the traditional… even slightly.

He released a home video of a new song called “Country Again” back in April of last year, and today, it has officially been released as his next single. And he seems genuinely excited to get back to the genre he grew up on:

“I’ve been counting down the days to get this one out to y’all. It’s one of my favorite songs I’ve written yet and honestly just feels full circle in so many ways.

It’s about the crazy journey I’ve been on over the last decade and ultimately finding my way back home.” 

We got some steel guitar, some fiddle work, an Eric Church name drop… it’s unquestionably the best single he’s released in the past 5 years, probably more.

Here’s a taste of the lyrics:

“Spend way less time in Nashville, more time in LA
Back home buddies they quit calling thought I had too much on my plate
But last night we cracked some cold beers and cranked Eric Church to 10
Man, it feels good to be country again.

Yeah, I love me some California, but it sure ain’t Tennessee
And my roots down there in Georgia, yeah, they started missin’ me
And I wouldn’t change the things I’ve done or the places that I’ve been
Man, it feels good to be country again.”

If most of the new album is like this, I have to say, I think we’re for a pleasant surprise from Thomas Rhett.

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