Paige Spiranac On The Real Reason She “Wears Very Little” On The Golf Course: “I’m One Step Ahead Of Everybody”

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This past weekend, PGA Tour golfer Wesley Bryan went viral after stripping down to his underwear to hit a shot out of the water at the Honda Classic, and the end results… well…

He gotta mouthful of mud and water while only advancing the ball a whopping five yards.

The announcers had a field day with it, as he even tied his shirt up Daisy Duke style.

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I mean, who can blame him though? Nobody ever really practices hitting golf balls out of water.

The only reason people ever do this is that they’re trying to get a good laugh with their buddies, or they just got bored and wanted to try it out. Plus, Bryan was already 9 over par on the day… not much else to play for at that point.

However, model and former professional golfer Paige Spiranac recently weighed in on the Wesley Bryan situation, and how she approaches hitting shots out of water.

She met up with podcaster Teddy Greenstein for his PointsBet Sportsbook podcast called “The Range,” and was asked a very intriguing question:

“Paige have you ever been tempted to remove some of your clothing during a round of golf to, you know, avoid sort of a muddy situation?”

And this was her response:

“Well I wear very little out on the golf course anyways so I wouldn’t have much to remove.

And people always make fun of me saying ‘Paige you’re showing off your body that’s why you’re wearing very little,’ no it’s because if I hit it in the water, my clothes aren’t gonna get that messed up.

So I’m one step ahead of everybody on this one.”

Wow, and after all this time, we really just thought Paige was just trying to show off her good looks with her golf course attire. Little did we know, she’s just preparing for the absolute worst, like having to walk out into the middle of a pond to hit a golf ball.

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Like she said, a step ahead.

Of everybody.

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