Golfer Wesley Bryan Strips Down To His Underwear To Hit Ball Out Of The Water

Rough day on the golf course? It probably wasn’t as bad as Wesley Bryan’s yesterday.

If you follow golf at all, you know how hilarious it is when somebody hits their ball into the water, and then tries to go in the pond and hit it back out.

Well, it’s funny until you’re the one hitting the shot, and the next thing you know you’re caked with mud and soaked with funky pond water that came from God knows where (trust me, I know from experience).

Professional golfer Wesley Bryan was on the sixth hole yesterday in the second round of The Honda Classic, and found his ball lying on the edge of the water. After already being nine-over-par for the tournament (for those who don’t know golf, that’s really, really bad for pro golf), he decided to go full send.

He stripped down to his boxers and pulled his shirt up Daisy Duke style to avoid covering it with mud and water (or maybe just trying to show off the dad bod). He then proceeded to hit the ball a whole five yards.

Tough scene man, tough scene…

And to makes matters worse, the announcers were roasting him the whole time:

“This is disturbing for Wesley Bryan in so many ways…”

“That’s a Daisy Duke shirt right there? I’m going to have a hard time erasing this from my memory.”


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