Nashville’s Mayor Cooper Awkwardly Downplays Bombing: “A Lot Broken Glass & Window Damage”

Mayor Cooper has found himself in hot water on more than one occasion this year.

Given Nashville’s COVID numbers, the shutdowns, and the response to it in general, it’s no surprise that people are already pissed off at him. But then, we throw in his nonchalance to a suicide bombing in the city, and people have reached their breaking point.

After surveying the damage, Mayor Cooper addressed local media, but at one point, began laughing about the situation while making the joke that they’re only going to have one explosion today.


The clip went viral all over social media, but if you watch the whole interview, the Mayor goes on and on and on about broken glass, completely downplaying the severity of the damage.

“It’s a whole lot of broken glass. The facades of out beautiful, historic buildings are still in tact. But there is a lot of glass damage and there’ll be a lot of window damage.

I’m sure people will wanna go back and check the structural integrity of all those valuable, historic buildings… and it is hard to see, so much glass, litter and damage, debris… some of the trees are going to be affected by this.”

Trees? TREES? I’m starting to believe that he wasn’t even there. He also said something about the broken water mains adding a “dramatic” effect to the scene, is if a car bomb that blew up half a city block wasn’t “dramatic” enough.

If you look at some of the recently released pictures, it’s a hell of a lot more damage than broken glass, trees, and some litter.

New police camera footage was released of the blast.

A similar angle (perhaps the same) to the footage that went viral on TikTok, this is the clearest picture we have of the blast.

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