Nashville Mayor John Cooper Awkwardly Laughs During Interview About RV Bombing

Read the room guy…

A bomb was detonated inside an RV in downtown Nashville early this morning, injuring a handful of people and destroying a ton of property. A video of the blast was captured by a security cam, and a photo of the RV has since been released by the police.

An absolutely terrible scene in a city that has already had a brutal year… but listening to Mayor Cooper, you wouldn’t know it.

Talking with local media, Mayor Cooper addressed the bombing earlier today, and at one point, began laughing about the situation.

You’d think the mayor wouldn’t be laughing about a bombing in his city, but lo and behold Mayor Cooper found a way to give the most awkward interview of all time. Needless to say, it pissed people off.

Mayor Cooper’s COVID response already has folks pissed at him… this isn’t gonna help.

Here’s the full clip of the interview.

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