Post Malone Seen Rocking A Tyler Childers Shirt During Video Shoot

Post Malone with a mask on his face next to a man with a beard

If there’s any doubt about the love Post Malone has for country music, this should end it.

A recent post on Reddit shows Post Malone with Noah Veluzat with Post rocking a Tyler Childers tee.

The comments essentially all fall under the umbrella of “HOLY F*CK IMAGINE POST WORKING WITH CHILDERS.”

Will it ever happen? I wouldn’t hold my breath, but who knows.

“On set w/ @postmalone” reads the caption from Noah, who’s a young basketball player from California.

It appears there is some video shoot taking place.

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On set w/ @postmalone

A post shared by Noah Veluzat (@noahveluzat) on Nov 1, 2020 at 5:31pm PST

The love Malone shows for Childers here shouldn’t be surprising.

He’s continuously and proudly showcased his love for country music over the years – from hanging out with Luke Combs (and Luke saying he’d be down for a collab), to expressing his love of Shania, rocking a Dolly Parton outfit on stage, singing with Dwight Yoakam, wanting to work with George Strait, and even Sturgill saying he wants to produce a live instrument Post Malone album.

The list goes on…

There’s definitely a huge overlap in Post’s fans, and fans of country music, which on its surface might seem surprising, until you really dig into the type of dude Post Malone is, and the stuff that makes him tick musically. It doesn’t hurt that Malone clearly prefers the best versions of country music, such as Tyler Childers, and not the mainstream radio.

Here’s a throwback to Post and Dwight having some fun with “A Thousand Miles from Nowhere.”

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