Post Malone Says He Really Wants To Do A Song With George Strait

I’m here for it.

It’s really not a secret that Post Malone is a country music fan. His love for Shania is second to none, we’ve seen him jam out with Dwight Yoakam and Blake Shelton, play some Hank Williams and Johnny Cash, hang out with Luke and Carrie, and he even rocked a Dolly Parton suit at Bonnaroo, I mean, the guy probably knows more about classic country than half the artists in the mainstream right now.

But when it comes to actually making music, will we ever see a true Post Malone country collab? If Post has it his way, we will.

And his dream collaborator? None other than the King himself, Mr. George Strait.

In more than one interview, Post has mentioned that he would love to collaborate with George, and he also mentioned Toby Keith as another country star he’d like to work with.

His song “Deja Vu” even offers a subtle nod to George with the line:

“Girl this a confession, I’m not like your exes, I came in from Texas…”

In this interview from a few years back, Post discusses his desire to collab with George, Toby and his love for country music in general.

Watch this jam session with Dwight and don’t even try to tell me that a Post/Strait collab wouldn’t be fire.

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