Sturgill Simpson Says He Wants To Produce A Live Instrument Post Malone Album

Post Malone, Sturgill Simpson

Back in April, Sturgill shared a cover from his kitchen, reimagining Post Malone’s “Sunflower” into a bluegrass banger. Only problem was that it was filmed with a potato and Sturgill deleted it.

Still, it got me thinking that a Post/Sturgill bluegrass collaboration would be absolute fire.

Twitter was quick to remind me that Koe Wetzel and Post Malone would be fire as well but that’s a conversation for another time.

Anyways, flash forward to today and the dick daddy himself is back with a much cleaner version of the performance, although it will not be on the upcoming bluegrass record.

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But more than that, Sturgill confessed that he and Post sometimes drunk Facetime (love it) and that he would like a to produce a live instrumentation Post Malone album someday.

“Feeling that Posty sauce in my kitchen at my wife’s insistence months back. No this is not on the grass album but it prolly shoulda been.

My kids love “Spider-verse” so I’ve prolly seen it about 87 times. I posted this way back in March in the DDSS days but my rural WiFi caused the upload to look like it was recorded on a brick so here it is for the ride or die’s.

Full disclosure: Posty & me facetime drizzunk sometimes and he’s literally the sweetest kid on the planet. I not so secretly wanna produce a live instrumentation album on him… Because my life is dope and I do dope shit.”

And to that I say…


(he ended up deleting his Instagram post which is very common for Sturgill – he’s often wiping his account)

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