Travis Tritt After Joe Biden Elected President: “I Refuse To Stoop To The Left’s Lowlife Level”

Travis Tritt with a beard
David Abbott

Travis Tritt hasn’t slowed down one bit over on the ol’ Tweeter.

He’s been incredibly vocal about his views throughout the Presidential election, and the year in general, and took some time last night during the Florida/Georgia game to offer some more thoughts.

A ton of folks in the country music world offered their takes after Joe Biden was elected President – from Brothers Osborne and Little League pizza parties to Brittany Aldean who shared a meme of Kamala Harris pushing Joe Biden out of a wheelchair.

It doesn’t look like the two sides will be sitting around the campfire roasting marshmallows anytime soon, but we’ll see.

Here was the latest from Tritt.

“No matter how abusive, rude, profane or intolerant the left is, I refuse to stoop to their lowlife level. God bless America.”

He did take a break from politics for some college football.

Here’s how he kicked off Saturday morning.

“Have you noticed that many Biden supporters who accused Trump supporters of being divisive are making some of the most divisive statements now? Hypocrites!”

Later in the night, a since-deleted tweet went at Tritt telling him to “f*ck off.”

Here was Travis’ response.

He then got into the comments and replies a bit.

One woman said she was a Biden supporter, and a big fan of his.

He’s been busy.

Oh yeah, he does have a new album on the way produced by the great Dave Cobb and a new single too.

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