Brothers Osborne Liken Joe Biden’s Election Win To Little League Baseball: “I Think We Should All Eat Pizza”

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Brothers Osborne have never been shy about their political views.

And in 2020, you’re pretty much in one of two camps: You’re either very vocal about your beliefs, or you don’t say much of anything at all. There doesn’t really seem to be much in between.

Brothers Osborne fall into that first category.

And while they’ve made it pretty clear over the past four years that they’re not the biggest fans of Donald Trump, their reaction to the election harkens back to simpler times… little league baseball.

Some fans asked where that attitude has been the past four years, while others agreed that we (on both sides of the aisle) need to find a way to come together and move the country forward.

But at the end of the day, at least we do have some common ground.

Also… good one.

And yes…

If you remember back to back to 2017, the Bros poked fun at the previous presidents with their Point Break-inspired music video for “It Ain’t My Fault.”

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A beer bottle on a dock