Koe Wetzel Just Broke A Zillion Hearts All Across The Great State Of Texas

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You hear that?

That’s the sounds of a zillion hearts breaking all across the great state of Texas.

Fresh off the surprise announcement of his upcoming studio album, Sellout, along with the release of a new single titled “Good Die Young,” Koe also released some other news this past weekend. The kind of news that some fans weren’t ready to hear.

Yep, Koe has a lady in his life.

Some of Koe’s diehard fans were quick to point out that he’s had a girlfriend for quite a while now, while at the same time, calling out the “fake fans” for not knowing.

“If you was a real fan you’d already know he had a gf.”

“Too many fake fans here…

“The fact ppl think he just got a gf y’all wrong.”

“If y’all was some real fans you’d already know he been had a girl.”

“Y’all be crying, he had a girl this whole time.”

Although, many of the comments looked a little more like this:

“Who tf is this sexy ass lady with her hands on our man!”

“Really pissed this is how he tells me he’s cheating on me

“If ur heart was just broken hit a like.”

“I’m not okay.”


“It’s okay I’ll be a side piece.”

“Welp gonna go cry myself to sleep.”

I’m just gonna act like I didn’t see this.”

“Literally heartbroken.”

“I need to know why she got her hand on my baby daddy’s face and why she’s so perfect.”

“It’s a sad sad day.”

And of course, thanks to one fan in particular, Koe is always good for one of these in the comment section:

“Sit on my face.”

Sorry ladies…

Pretty much sums it all up, huh?

Kid cleans up pretty good though…

Check out the new single “Good Die Young” from the upcoming studio album Sellout, Koe’s first project since singing a record deal with Columbia Records.

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