Koe Wetzel Announces New Album ‘Sellout’

Koe Wetzel

Damn, was really hoping for Pop Country Trash…

Koe Wetzel is back with a brand new album, affectionally titled, Sellout, featuring the previously released “Kuntry & Wistern” and “Sundy Or Mundy.”

And while he did mention to us on the podcast that he was toying around with the titles “Pop Country Trash” or “Does This Sound Like George Jones To You,” he landed on Sellout. Which, given the new record deal, how perfect?

How about that foreshadowing though…

“When I was writing this record I wanted to give people a real view of what I was going through and the things I had experienced at that moment. I honestly feel like ‘Sellout’ has accomplished that more than any other album I’ve recorded so far. When it came time to name the album, I felt like we needed to give it something that would allow us to create some really fun content to support the release while at the same time highlighting this new relationship with Columbia.”

Sellout is set to drop on November 20th and the new single, “Good Die Young,” is coming out tomorrow morning…

Stay tuned.

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Sellout Tracklist:

1. Pre-Sellout
2. Kuntry & Wistern
3. Cold & Alone
4. Crying From The Bathroom
5. The Fiddler
6. Lubbock
7. SideChick
8. Drug Problem
9. Outcast
10. Sundy or Mundy
11. Good Die Young
12. Drunk Driving
13. FGA
14. Post-Sellout

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