Koe Wetzel Announces New Song “Sundy Or Mundy,” Inks Deal With Columbia Records

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BIG news Koe Wetzel fans.

His most recent release “Kuntry & Wistern” was a pleasant surprise that came right as many of us were officially about to lose our minds in the midst of quarantine.

But now Koe, who has since signed a record deal with Columbia Records, will release another track this Friday (or Fridy) titled “Sundy Or Mundy.”

Make no mistake, Koe is one of the most engaging performers in the entire industry. His fans are rabid, his shows are insane, and with a label behind him, the next stop is the moon.

New music, new label… buckle the fuck up.

The new release will also be accompanied by a music video.

“Went home to East Texas and shot a music video. Drops this week with the new song!”

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