If You’ve Suffered The Pain Of Losing Your Dog, Chris Stapleton’s New “Maggie’s Song” Will Wreck You

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Chris Stapleton is back, a new album is on the way, and 2020 might finally turn the corner after all.

Titled Starting Over, the new album will feature two Guy Clark covers, a John Fogerty cover, the newly-released title track, longtime fan favorite “You Should Probably Leave,” and this heartbreaker about losing someone close to you, “Maggie’s Song.”

Chris performed it live a few times this past fall.

“Lost a dear friend of mine not all that long ago and I wrote this song for her.”

But only a few seconds into the first verse you realize that this isn’t your typical song about saying goodbye to somebody, it’s a gut-wrenching story about rescuing a stray dog, raising her, and ultimately burying her when the time comes.

“Let me tell you a story, about an old friend of mine
Somebody left her in a shopping cat, in a parking lot for us to find
Just a black fuzzy pup, she was hungry and feeling ‘lone
Put her in the back seat and told her we were taking her home.”

If you’ve been tasked with the devastating job of burying your dog recently, grab the Kleenex… this one is going to wreck you.

Starting Over, the highly anticipated new album featuring “Maggie’s Song,” is set for release on November 13th.

And of course, the new single “Starting Over.”

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