Chris Stapleton Is FINALLY Releasing The Old Fan Favorite “You Should Probably Leave”

Chris Stapleton with a beard and a hat

I’m not saying that Whiskey Riff is directly responsible for influencing a small part of this new album, but that’s kind of exactly what I’m saying.

Eric has since released two song, and the new album is coming, but that’s a story for another day…

Back to Chris.

Earlier today, Chris announced the release of his 4th studio album titled Starting Overand he single-handedly might’ve have just saved 2020. He also released the title track and hot DAMN it’s a toe tapper. I defy you not to be happy listening to it.

But first, let’s rewind to about a week ago…

A Whiskey Riff plea for “Starting Over” to make the new record and a not so subtle “what the hell are you doing over there Chris?” was added in for good measure. I mean, it’s been years and the world is falling apart… we need this record.

Lo and behold, just days later Chris drops a teaser video, says he’s gonna release “Starting Over” on Thursday, and not only that, it’s the NAME OF THE ALBUM.

Coincidence? Maybe… But don’t tell me it didn’t feel good for Chris and company to see that and feel a certain sense of affirmation. Great minds think alike, eh?

All well and good, but now that Chris has released the tracklist from Starting Over, we just so happen to notice a little ditty titled “You Should Probably Leave” sitting right there at lucky number 13.

A song from at LEAST 6 years ago, but most likely much longer that that, “You Should Probably Leave” has become an unreleased fan favorite among the Whiskey Riffers. In fact, we’ve written about it on at least 5 separate occasions, each time calling for it to be on an album. We missed it on Traveller, we missed it on From A Room: Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, but now, the time has finally come.

The various performances we’ve shared have gone viral multiple times, and the passionate fanbase for “You Should Probably Leave” continued to grow. And now, after a few Whiskey Riff blogs featuring footage from a handful of shitty cellphone videos, Chris has heard the cries of his people. After years and years, he has heard them beg and plead for this song, and is finally ready to answer that call.

So basically…. you’re welcome.

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