Morgan Wallen To Release Fan Favorite “7 Summers” Next Week

Morgan Wallen holding a microphone
Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Ask and you shall receive.

If there is anything good that’s come of this whole quarantine situation, it’s that artists have had A LOT of free time on their hands. Some have used that time to travel or spend time at home with family, others are playing golf and just chilling, and then you have some that are doing what artists do best… cranking out new music.

One of those working on new music? Morgan Wallen.

Back in April we saw the the Deep Cuts Challenge emerge, featuring some great performances from Luke CombsBlake Shelton and more, but after that, we saw tons of artists sharing demos with fans… AKA unreleased recordings of songs that might make an album some day.

When Jake Owen nominated Morgan Wallen, he shared a demo for a song called “7 Summers” that he was still on the fence about. And fans have been begging for him to release it ever since.

Well, that time has come.

“Sometimes I guess you get what you ask for… 8/14.”

A week from Friday, mark your calendars.


Morgan also debuted another brand new tune recently called “Dangerous.”

Fingers crossed we get to hear that one soon as well.

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