Remember The Journalist That Pretended To Board Up A Store? She Got Fired…

A man holding a woman in a doorway

Remember this clown?

Her name is Fiona Moriarty and she was recently filmed interrupting a man while he was trying to board up a storefront. But she wasn’t trying to help, she asked for a picture with his drill, and the immediately hopped back into her Mercedes and drove away.

If you’re not familiar you listen to me tear into her right here.

Anyways, she is apparently a journalist at the Washington Examiner, well… I guess not anymore. She also used to work for The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard. And her Twitter bio line says…get this… “I’m just chasing the facts.”


After her fake photo stunt, she deleted all of her social media, and on top of it, she no longer appears on the Washington Examiner’s website. According to new York Magazine writer Yashar Ali, she has been fired.


This was bad enough when people thought she was just some garbage Instagram influencer, but the fact that she’s actually a journalist with the motto “just chasing the facts,” it’s just downright frightening.

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A beer bottle on a dock