California Woman Interrupts Man Boarding Up Store, Asks For Photo & Then Drives Off In Her Mercedes

A man holding a woman in a doorway

Alright look, I’m going to keep this short and sweet because I’m too irritated to form rational, coherent thoughts about how fucking much this makes my blood boil.

The death of George Floyd is an utter and total tragedy, one that never should’ve happened at the hands of a man sworn to protect and serve. And at the same time, you have people all over the country hijacking legitimate and peaceful protests for their own personal gain, vandalizing and looting places in towns that they don’t even live in.

Between the death of Mr. Floyd, the injustices that continue to happen to people of color in our country, the assholes looting, and the destruction of hard-earned property… it’s an absolutely maddening time in America right now. People are pissed off and have every right to be.

And then there’s people like this…

People that are so desperate for attention, so desperate for approval that they would use other people’s pain to grow their fucking Instagram following… it absolutely makes my blood boil.

To literally interrupt a man trying to board up a store so you could take a picture for the Gram and then hop back into your fucking Mercedes and drive away, ready to post that picture like you’re contributing to the healing, like you’re helping the cause. Fuck off.

She was identified in the comments and shocker, all her pages are now private. So much for growing that following…

I guess it wasn’t so short and sweet…

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