Coors Light Is Giving America 500,000 Cans Of Free Beer Because Life Kinda Sucks Right Now

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According to the good folks at Coors Light, we’re in the midst of “sucky suck suck suckieness of historical proportions.”

And while that’s not exactly how I’d put it, one quick look around and it’s not hard to agree… everything kind of sucks right now. Which is why Coors Light is here to make it better… with FREE BEER.

Will free beer fix anything? Absolute not. Will it cure Coronavirus and put people back to work? Nope. But will it help you feel better? You’re damn right it will.

It’s not secret that alcohol sales are up, alcohol consumption is up, drinking during work hours is up, and shower beer consumption is up approximately 985% (probably). Why is that? Because as Coors Light said, life kinda sucks right now and sometimes a cold one is just what the doctor ordered.

So as part of their “America Could Use A Beer” campaign, Coors Light will be giving away 500,000 cans of beer to anybody that wants one. All you have to do is nominate somebody that could use a beer on Twitter and they’ll be entered for a shot at winning a free sixer of cold Coors Light.

We have all these clueless celebrities singing John Lennon’s “Imagine” to us and delivering their self-righteous PSAs from the comfort of their mansions, meanwhile Coors Light is over here like, “shut the fuck up, here’s a free beer.”

God bless ’em.


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