Larry The Cable Guy Calls Out Hollywood’s “Imagine” Video: “They’re Clueless”

Gal Gadot, Larry the Cable Guy

Anyone else over this Coronavirus bullshit?

The other day, countless celebrities including Will Ferrell, Gal Gadot, James Marsden, and more, participated in a group cover of John Lennon’s 1971 hit “Imagine.”

And as we’re all smack dab in the middle of a global pandemic, the video was meant to inspire and encourage (I guess), but many found it cringey, tone deaf, and in the words of Larry The Cable Guy, “clueless.”

“Here’s a message from people with a lot of possessions that can take a year off of work and not flinch telling everyone outta work to imagine a world with no possessions while people are living in the street a half mile away from ‘em… they’re clueless.”

And Larry definitely isn’t alone.

The video was blasted by other people on Twitter, many calling for them to pony up and donate money if they really want to help during these difficult times.

Other comedians like Theo Von and Chris D’Elia joined Larry in agreement.

Comedian Joe Lycett led fellow comedians in a parody video mocking Gal Gadot and the rest of the Hollywood elites.

Needless to say, people seemed to like this version a little more…

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