West Virginian Wants A Single-Wide Trailer and an Acre Of Land If He Goes Far on ‘Idol’

Meet Zack Dobbins from Clay, West Virginia.

He loves his truck, his simple life, and his small town. Before his audition on American Idol, Zack explained he’s pretty new to this kind of thing, and that if he did go far and become known, he’d want to eventually get a “single-wide trailer on an acre of (flat) land” so he can just “run the mower” back and forth.

As much as this show can suck ass, you can’t help but root for people like this.

He had a good audition with an original song, “Misuse,” and advanced through. Luke even helped him tune his guitar before he performed.

Check it out.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock