Jon Pardi’s “Old Hat” Is A Much-Needed Ode To The Old School

Gotta love Jon Pardi. He’s always fighting for the traditional.

His new song “Old Hat” is an ode to the old school, and the traditions that quickly seem to be eroding from society. Things like working hard to make a living, shaking hands to seal a promise and then honoring it, holding the door for your lady, the traditions that our granddads and grandmothers taught us. Ones that we seem to have forgotten.

However according to Jon, the song is already resonating with people who feel the same way:

I’ve always loved the old school traditions of opening a door for a girl, this whole thing it’s just kind of pushed away from social media. Girls really like this song,  you wouldn’t think it when you think “old hat,” but it’s a traditional song, not really a honky tonk song. It’s got a lot of soul, it’s got a lot of old school. You’re gonna think of your granddad, you’re gonna think of people that tried to teach you good things.”

Jon’s upcoming studio album Heartache Medication drops next week, September 27th.

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