Nashville Strip Club Employees Filmed Helping A Homeless Woman On Easter Sunday

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Deja Vu is at it again.

Strip clubs get a bad wrap, but Deja Vu in Nashville it out here making the world a better place.

Earlier this year, they were offering jobs to any furloughed government workers, and I know you’re thinking, we’re talking about a stripper job, but it was more than that. They were looking for door guys, servers and other staff as well. Really doing they’re part, you know? Then, for the entire month of February, they were hosting weddings at their space for FREE. That’s right, Deja Vu was getting people hitched, solely for the sake of love, not a profit. Like I said, really doing their part to make Nashville a better place. Then, in the wake of Cardi B’s confession about drugging and robbing men when she was a stripper, the club adopted a policy of removing her music from their venue.

Which brings me to today, where employees of Deja Vu were filmed outside helping a homeless woman on Easter Sunday. According to Fox 17, the strip club employees gave the woman socks, blankets, some food, and even a little bit of cash.

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Despite the public perception of strip clubs, owner OJ Childress says any negative reactions won’t stop them from acts of kindness like this.

“People who know us here in Nashville, I mean, they understand. They know we’re good people.”

During the holidays, they also give out toys to children and help make meals for the less fortunate.

Stay classy Deja Vu.

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