You Can Get Married for FREE in a Nashville Strip Club This Valentine’s Day

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Deja Vu to the rescue once again.

Just last month, this popular Nashville strip club was offering jobs to federal workers who had lost their jobs due to the government shutdown. Well, they’re back again with another fantastic offer to continue lending a helping hand to the Nashville community.

For the entire month of February, Deja Vu is offering free rooftop weddings. That’s right – you can have your bachelor party downstairs with your boys, and then just head on up to the rooftop with your bride to tie the knot. Party, ceremony, reception… it’s a one-stop-shop.

According to Deja Vu, you and your soulmate can get married on the rooftop “overseeing the beautiful downtown Nashville skyline.” I can hear it now: “Come on honey, I just want to get married at the strip club because of the view.”

Sure, strip clubs are usually reserved for the bachelor parties and not the actual weddings, but who doesn’t want to walk down the aisle to “Pour Some Sugar on Me?” Just make sure that you ask for some singles on your wedding registry.

Guys, if you can find a girl who will go along with this, you better hurry up and marry her, she’s a keeper.

And, Deja Vu also offers divorce parties… you know, if you’re more in the market for that.

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