Zach Bryan Shares Backyard Jam Of Unreleased Track “Like Ida”

Zach Bryan country music
Zach Bryan

I hope this one ends up on the next record.

Even in the midst of a massive tour, Zach Bryan is still finding time to put some pen to paper and write a new ditty or two. He continues feeding the unreleased vault with this new track, and I hope it sees the light of day sooner rather than later.

The new track, “Like Ida,” is a perfect play on words where ‘Ida’ could be a lover he is missing, but in the chorus, he notes that no one knows them like “I do.”

The stripped-down acoustic video is shot in someone’s backyard and feels like good old ZB… just some honest songwriting and bros jamming together in nature. It’s a raw cut, but it still sounds like it could hold its own on a big stage.

“And I’m out on the road
When I’m going, I go
I make music with all of my friends
I miss you silhouette,
And catching coastal sunsets
And the sound of that rusty door hinge
But that day’s bound to come when I finish this run
And I’m rolling right into your arms…”

This track instantly clicked, and the casualness of him dropping this at 3:30 on a Thursday is crazy. Hopefully, this means new ZB is in the works and will hit streaming platforms soon. Until then, wear this out on YouTube.

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