Owner Begs For Help After Wally The Emotional Support Alligator Stolen From His Enclosure: “Odds Of Finding Wally Are Slim To None”


This is horrible news.

If you have been here for a minute, then you might have stumbled across a headline or two about an emotional support alligator named Wally.

Wally is owned by a Pennsylvania man named Joie Henny. Henny found Wally in a Disney World pond, hence his name, and since it’s illegal to relocate alligators in Florida, he decided to take him back up north with him.

Wally has since become a family member, and they share a very “special bond.” Wally does not bite and Henny walks him on a leash, leading him to be tagged with his title of emotional support alligator. Wally has attended sports games like Philadelphia Flyers games and Eagles tailgates.

While some people give Wally strange looks as he walks through the crowds, others find great joy in holding, petting, and taking pictures with Wally.

But unfortunately, that might have come to an end as Wally has now come up missing.

6ABC Action News reports that Wally was stolen from Henny on a recent vacation in Georgia. Wally was then placed in someone’s yard as a prank.

“Wally was then left in someone’s yard as a prank to scare them. A trapper was called out who captured Wally. The emotional support gator was then released into a swamp with roughly twenty other gators. The trapper told Henny, “The odds of finding Wally are slim to none.”

Still, Henny is trying to get more details so they can at least attempt a search.”

@6abcactionnewsWally, the emotional support alligator, was stolen and then released into a swamp, his owner says.

♬ original sound – 6abc Action News

Henny has also taken to social media to provide updates on the search for Wally and respond to commenters who questioned whether his enclosure was secure enough for the gator. Henny is distraught, rightfully so; it is wrong that someone took Wally from him. That’s like stealing someone’s dog.

We hope that Wally found and returned home safely. The swamp is no place for a gator that eats chicken and Cheetos.

@wallythealligatorWally is missing.

♬ original sound – Wally

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