Emotional Support “TailGator” Steals The Show Ahead Of Philadelphia Eagles Game

Eagles alligator

Wally, the emotional support alligator, is back in action at sporting events.

The docile alligator has been seen quite often on TikTok. After being rejected from The Phillies game, he attended a Philadelphia Flyers game and is now making his way over to the NFL, hitting a Philadephia Eagles tailgate.

While I am sure that many of you reading this who are unfamiliar with Wally are concerned that he will hurt someone… welcome to my internal thoughts. But Wally’s owners keep reassuring fans that Wally is not like other gators.

“I’ve never met an alligator that will not bite you. You fool around with their head, their instinct is to grab you. He does not do it. You can reach in there and rub his tongue. He refuses to close his mouth. We don’t know why.” 

Is it really worth being his first? Anyways…

With this demeanor, his owners love taking Wally out and about, and of course, he will draw the eye of anyone in the crowd.

Some sporting events have not been as accepting of Wally, but it seems as though Eagles fans were more than thrilled to have the gator in attendance at a recent tailgate. Wally’s TikTok account posted a compilation video of fans holding and cuddling with the alligator.

I guess you could say that Wally is a professional “TailGator.”

@wallythealligator Tailgate with Wally! #eagles #nflfootball ♬ Nfl Theme – Official Sports Bar Version – Playin’ Buzzed

While those in attendance seemed more than thrilled to be in the presence of the social media icon, many followers were worried that his owners were putting him in danger, taking him to the cold conditions of the outdoor tailgate. As he is cold-blooded, they need to be in warmer climates so they do not chill.

“Wally needs some warmth… It’s too cold up here for him.”

“Bro is so chill bc they are literally freezing him.”

“I’m no biologist, but isn’t it too cold for an alligator to be outside in Philly in the winter?”

“Hope he was only taking pictures for a limited time before he was put in some sort of heat.”

However, alligators can survive in waters as low as 40 degrees, and when it gets lower, they go into a hibernation-like state called “brumation.” As their core temperature drops, they’re metabolism drops as well and they become quite lethargic (which definitely would help keep him docile). Alligators have been known to stick their snouts out of the water on freezing temperatures, and ice will on the surface will even freeze around them while they hibernate.

They can survive several days like this, so I’m sure Wally is just fine…

And since Wally’s owners also operate a reptile rescue, I am more than confident that they ensured their beloved gator was not harmed and had the proper equipment to keep him warm.

While the majority of the comments were still overwhelmingly positive, it seemed as though Wally might have been a good luck charm as the Eagles took home the win for the game that he was in attendance of.

Instead of rubbing a rabbit’s foot for good luck, the Eagles players and fans may need to start petting Wally before hitting the field.

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