“Can’t Forget Carl” – Riley Green Shares His Tour Essentials

Riley Green country music

A plain and simple man.

There is no better time to cover your tour essentials than when you are in the thick of touring. With only a few stops left of his Ain’t My Last Rodeo tour, Riley Green sits down to discuss what has kept him going throughout the extensive list of cities.

While some folks have particular tour essentials, Green’s is straightforward. All he really needs is his dog, Carl, some hats, and a set of weights. Carl starts off the list strong, as Green puts his cowboy corgi on the table of the CMT studio.

“So this is Carl. He is my road dog. He travels with me everywhere I go. He’s becoming a little more popular than me actually, with fans. People are always bringing him dog toys to the show, and Carl merch, and there are signs all over the place. So he goes everywhere with me now.”

Green is not wrong that Carl has taken some of his spotlight. Carl has had many viral moments, with Green toting him around the stage for front-row fans to see, and Carl seems to love life as a road dog.

I mean, I’d be content if I was a dog living like Carl.

Green’s other tour essentials include a cowboy hat, which always makes its way onto the stage during a set, a hoodie (so he can sneak through the crowds and be recognized), and a signature CAT hat that he often signs and gives to members of the crowd.

“That was the kind of tractor my grandaddy Buford had; I learned to drive a tractor on. I make sure I’ve got a Caterpillar hat to sign and throw out in the crowd every night.”

But the tour essential that sent fans into a tizzy was his weight set. Fans started drooling in the comments section once the weights were pulled out and Green picked up the 15-pound dumbbells. While he noted that his are MUCH heavier than those provided by CMT, he also said that getting a workout before the show is very important to him.

“These are like Carl’s dumbbells. I always try and get a workout in before the show, so nobody steals my lunch money.” 

Naturally, fans went feral when he was holding the dumbbells and flexing his muscles.

“I’m so desperately in love with this man.”

“SHE KNEW WHAT SHE WAS DOING— ‘Can you show us a curl?'”

“Yeah, he knows he’s fine.”

“I just fell in love.” 

I mean…did you really think you could read a Riley Green article without some note of how much his fans are in love with him?

I’m not surprised that Green is simple regarding his essentials. Just a good ole country boy making it his mission to write and share damn good country music.

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