Absolute Unit Of A Black Bear Strolls Down California Sidewalk

black bear

If you see a bear like this walking down the sidewalk, it’s probably best just to leave it be.

It’s actually best to leave any bear that you see out in the wild alone. I know this one isn’t exactly out and about in nature, but the same rule applies. People are usually advised to stay 100 yards away from more dangerous animals, and a bumbling black bear easily falls in the category of “more dangerous.”

However, staying away from a big ol’ bear is easier said than done when it has entered into human territory. Good thing there were no dog walkers or children at play in this neighborhood (at least we hope) when this massive bruin decided to stroll down this sidewalk in Sierra Madre, California.

After you watch this clip, try to imagine making your morning commute, or walking on the other side of the street and seeing a big beast like this one sauntering along without a worry in the world. It might be hard to imagine, but people living in bear country have to always be prepared for a bear encounter.

Bears usually only wander into populated areas if they are looking for food, or have been fed by a human in the vicinity before. That can lead to some dangerous situations, and though we don’t know if that’s the case in this footage, we can’t rule it out.

Check it out:

That is one big bear.

Social media users couldn’t get enough of the short clip of the… let’s just say “well fed” bear. They flooded the comment section with all sorts of funny quips about the sizable bruin:

“I don’t know why but it doesn’t look real.”

“That’s the most bear looking bear I’ve seen.”

“No collar must be a stray.”

“My toxic trait is thinking I can run up and hug it!”

“That bear is definitely not missing any meals.”

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