Zach Bryan Fans In Iowa Get 20-Minute Version Of “Revival” While Tornado Passes

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“Revival” could be an hour long and I’d be singing along for the full 60 minutes.

This weekend, a string of horrible storms, high-speed winds, and, sadly, some tornados touched down across middle America, causing severe damage. Zach Bryan is a man of the people, giving back to the communities impacted by the tornados after they swept through the Midwest.

“As an American and someone who lived in Omaha for some pretty formidable years of my life, I want to offer some honest prayers and hopes to the communities affected by the tornadoes that tore through them.

The band and I are standing with you guys as we are playing some shows in Omaha. I am so sorry to anyone that is having to deal with picking up the pieces of their homes and their lives.

Without taking credit from the thousands of people lending a hand who have roots here, we love you so much and we’ll do all we can to help.”

Zach Bryan posted on Instagram praying for the Omaha community, and he was seen boots on the ground in Elkhorn, Oklahoma, picking up debris.

While Bryan is doing his part to help the communities in need, he also had to do his part to keep fans safe inside his arena show. A tornado in Des Moines, Iowa, touched down a mile away right as the show was wrapping up.

Instead of wrapping up the show and letting fans sit inside waiting for the twister to pass, he decided to keep the show going, truly making the show worth every penny (and potentially getting swooped up in a Tornado).

A social media user took to TikTok, sharing that ZB gave the fans an extra, extra extended version of “Revival,” keeping the party going until the coast was clear for the arena to be let out.

“POV: There’s a tornado, so Zach Bryan plays ‘Revival’ for 20 minutes.” 

Is this what dreams are made of? Of course not the circumstances that led to this moment, but who wouldn’t want to belt out “Revival” for 20 minutes straight?

“Hey guys, we just got word there is a tornado about a mile away, so we are going to extend this as long as possible.”

ZB addresses the crowd, and they go WILD. I mean, talk about a true Oklahoman thing to do: just keep the party going until the weather passes.

If he wasn’t on stage, I bet ZB would be on a front porch, beer in hand, watching the twister touch down. What a class act, though. Keeping fans safe in the arena, giving it his all on stage, and then spending the following two days with relief efforts.

He truly is a man of the people.

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