Jelly Roll Shares Sweet Moment On Stage With His Daughter As Stagecoach Crowd Sings Her “Happy Birthday”

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Visiting pops at the office.

Having a rockstar for a father can sometimes be hard with them on the road. But, when you have a dad like Jelly Roll, who makes the most out of the moments he can show off his daughter, you’ve got to give him major dad points.

Over the weekend, Jelly Roll  took the Stagecoach stage, performing for a massive crowd. As the singer often reflects on how far he has come he noted that he wanted to share the moment with his wife, Bunnie Xo, and his daughter, Bailee. He notes that some might feel it’s corny that he wants to share the moment with them, but as we know, Jelly Roll beats to his own drum and was going to relish in the moment with those he loves most.

After bringing Bunnie to the stage, he introduced Bailee to the crowd.

“I had to get cool dad points. I took my daughter out of school today, and I flew her out to California for the show…don’t tell her teacher.”

She joins her dad and stepmom on the stage, glowing with a smile that spans from ear to ear. While this moment might be enough as is, Jelly Roll takes it a step further and tells the crowd that Bailee has her sweet sixteenth birthday coming up.

“I don’t want to put her on blast, but my baby girl is 15 years old. And in like ten days, she will be 16 years old…I see some of you cowboys gettin’ a smile, stop it. I’m looking at you, I see you. 

But hey, I think it would be a really cool Dad way to embarrass her if I could do the ole…Happy Birthday to you…” 

Jelly Roll says to the crowd as he leads them off, singing “Happy Birthday.” Bailee has her hands in her head laughing, but thankfully, it does not appear that her dad embarrassed her too badly with the impromptu serenade.

At the end of the video, she gives her dad a big ole hug and seems so grateful for the moment.

“You changed my daughter’s life, you changed my son’s life, you changed everyone on this stage life. The 100 people working on this show, you changed our lives in ways that we could not ever imagine. And I just want to say thank y’all.”

The crowd hollered after witnessing the tender daddy/daughter moment, followed by more gratitude from the CMA New Artist of the Year.

Jelly Roll is a top-tier class act.

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