“Where Is This Kid’s Mother?” – Young Fan Goes Off The Rails Asking Mike Tyson & Jake Paul About Their Body Count During Press Conference

Mike Tyson fighting

Where are this kid’s parents?

Leading up to the boxing event of the year with Mike Tyson and Jake Paul this summer, the two are doing press to create hype surrounding the fight at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

While the fight isn’t until July 20th, that is not stopping this young fan from taking the spotlight away from the two famed fighters. A young redheaded boy got up to the microphone and kicked off on a note that made Tyson question where his parents were.

“I’m a big fan of both of y’all. You guys are both f***ing legends.”

The crowd laughs at the opportunity to curse while Mom and Dad aren’t around. After he took a second to note how much he looked up to the two fighters, he asked how the two think that boxing has changed.

“Yo Mike, how would you like to compare Jake to boxers in the ’90s and Jake, how do you foresee young boxers like me coming up? You feel me?”

Tyson gives a very good answer, not trashing Jake completely. He is just definitely making a dig at the fact that he started out as a YouTuber and took his fame, leading him into his boxing career instead of starting from the bottom like Tyson did. The little kid then changes the question to ask the two who would make a better instructor for him.

Clearly, we know what this kid wants to be when he grows up…

Jake replies that he would be a better coach to the young boy. He believes that while older fighters have “more balls,” younger fighters have more technical skills. What flies out of this kid’s mouth next is when the rails come completely off during this press conference.

“Yeah, type sh*t. So you think he’s got bigger balls? Who do you think has a higher body count? What’s your body count, Jake? What’s your body count?”

Mike Tyson quickly jumps in as Jake looks away, confused about how the question got to this point.

“Where is this kid’s mother?”

The audience is filled with chatter, and before someone’s hand is placed on the little boy’s shoulder, he has one last send-off before being pulled away from the microphone.

“Tight sh*t, we outside. Gaga boom b**ch, AHHHHH. I love you guys, motherf***er…okay I love you guys.” 

Tyson and Paul are in shock after that goodbye and laughing at what just happened.

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You know I RAN to the comments section and they were far from disappointing.

“Kid is going places; it may be jail, though.”

“Little bro a straight menace.”

“Straight outta NEW YORK.”

“Who gave him the microphone.”

“We’re cooked.”

“He started off on a serious note.”

“This kid did better than any reporter could have.”

“We will remember this kid in 10 years.”

“It’s sad when even Jake Paul is too stunned to speak.”

“Asking who a better trainer would be is wild work.”

“This kid is going places, not good places. But places nonetheless.”

After some light research, I found out the boy is a TikToker named Kayo Martin, and doing outlandish things like this is right up his alley. He even made sure to post his angle from the press conference, too.

Is it ok to hate a child? Asking for a friend…

@kayomartinnyc Asking @Jake Paul if him or @Mike Tyson has a bigger body count 🔥😤🦍🥊 #nyc #fyp #viral #boxing #netflix ♬ original sound – Kayo Martin

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