Twitter Sounds Off After JJ McCarthy’s Dad Appeared To Touch His Girlfriend’s Butt At Fiesta Bowl

JJ McCarthy girlfriend

It was an absolute barnburner at the Fiesta Bowl.

In a rather shocking upset, the 3-seed TCU Horned Frogs walked into State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, and came out victorious against the 2-seed Michigan Wolverines.

TCU jumped out to an early lead, and while JJ McCarthy and the Wolverines brought it to within 3 after a combined 44-point third quarter between the two teams, Max Duggan and the boys held them off for a 51-45 victory, punching TCU’s ticket to the College Football National Championship.

The highest scoring game in Fiesta Bowl history also featured a record-setting 59-yard field goal from Michigan kicker Jake Moody.

TCU will take on the defending champion Georgia Bulldogs in the National Championship game on Monday, January 9th.

Wolverine quarterback JJ McCarthy stayed on the field to watch TCU celebrate, already focused on returning next year.

However, the heartbreaking defeat might not be the worst part of JJ McCarthy’s night.

Why? Well because his girlfriend went mega-viral in the stands… and so did his dad… for all the wrong reasons.

The starting quarterback’s girlfriend getting a lot of airtime is nothing new in college football. We all remember Brent Musburger fawning over Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron’s girlfriend (now wife) and former Miss Alabama USA, Katherine Webb, during the 2013 BCS National Championship Game.

ESPN made a habit of panning to McCarthy’s parents, and his girlfriend, Katya Kuropas, who immediately became internet famous.

However, it appears that McCarthy isn’t the only fan of his girlfriend, because ESPN messed around and caught I wild video of McCarthy’s dad seemingly touching her butt while celebrating a Michigan touchdown:

Granted, it’s impossible to know what’s going on for sure, it’s a short clip, but the evidence seems pretty damming. It looks as if he’s trying to be sneaky about touching her inappropriately… just a little finger.

But boy, nothing gets past Twitter… and they ran wild with it, calling him out for being a creep.


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