With The NFL Draft Tomorrow, Remember That A QB Who Eats Banana Peels & Puts Mayo In His Coffee Could Go #1 Overall

Will Levis NFL

The 2023 NFL Draft starts tomorrow and runs through Saturday. The three day long draft being held in Kansas City, Missouri allows for amateur football players to have their professional playing dreams come true.

This year’s draft has been surrounded with a lot of question marks, with no one player being locked in as the favorite to be drafted number one overall. Many quarterbacks “wowed” at their pro days, and a couple were knocked down the draft board because of their NFL Wonderlic test scores.

Now, a random Reddit board has seemingly changed the odds in Vegas to have the controversial University of Kentucky QB Will Levis be drafted with the first pick.

A Tweet regarding the incident from Joe Pompliano states:

“Will Levis odds to go #1 overall have moved from 50/1 to 4/1 because someone on Reddit is claiming he’s telling his family and friends he is going #1 overall.

Draft season is the best.”

So why is Will Levis controversial you ask? Well it’s not anything he’s said that has been “edgy,” though he hasn’t exactly “lit it up” in conversations with prospective NFL teams.

It’s more the fact that Levis makes some incredibly questionable food and drink choices.

NFL Dov Kleiman jokingly states that the fact Levis eats bananas with the peel on and adds mayonnaise to his morning cup of coffee should keep him from being drafted in the NFL Draft’s first round.

He also adds in videos of the quarterback doing the two atrocious acts:

“Kentucky QB Will Levis eats bananas with the peel on and puts Mayonnaise in his coffee.

Should that eliminate him from first round contention?”

If I were in charge of drafting him, for some strange reason, I would say “we can’t take this guy.”

No person in their right mind eats bananas with the peel still on, and no one especially puts a condiment meant for sandwiches into their coffee. Those things cannot be looked past or blindly ignored when you are trying to pick your future play-caller.

Social media seems to agree with me:

Make sure to get your peel-on bananas and mayonnaise coffee ready, because the 7-round NFL Draft kicks off tomorrow at 8 EST.

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