“I Need Viral Moments” – Luke Bryan Finds Humor In HARD Fall He Took On Stage Over The Weekend

Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan is addressing the fall.

Over the weekend, Luke Bryan took a HARD fall on stage from what seemed like it could have been caused by a phone. Roll the tape:

@steve.black_ #LukeBryan #fall #coastcitycountry ♬ original sound – Steve.Black_

After Bryan busted his ass, he instantly picked up the cell phone close to him to look at the instant replay. In all fairness, the moment was comedy gold and played into Bryan’s chaotic but loveable character on stage.

But, it also serves as a reminder not to throw things on stage that can cause harm to your favorite performer…and yes, that means beyond what could hit them flying through the air, but what lands near their feet.

After further review, it appears that a phone was not what caused him to slip, but Luke Bryan’s video went viral enough after its release that Entertainment Tonight asked him about it during an interview.

Luke’s initial thoughts after he hit the stage were that he was more worried about his back, which he was having issues with leading up to the show.

“When I hit the ground, I was like, uhh. The first thing was, ‘Oh God, all the work I did to get my back feeling better is out.” 

But then he quickly played into the bit, acknowledging that he, too, did not think it was a cell phone that caused the fall but rather a slick spot.

“You know everybody’s reporting that it’s a cell phone. I was kind of hamming that up. I don’t know; I don’t think it was a cell phone. I think it was a slick stage…but there were a lot of cell phones up there…I mean, I’m just hamming it up.

You know I NEED viral moments. I need viral moments…my new single is ‘Love You, Miss You, Mean It.’ I gotta get the bumper sticker made for ‘I bust my a**, and this is my new single.'” 

Hey, at least he sees the marketing angle for his new single with this one.

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