Upon Further Review, It Appears That Luke Bryan Actually DIDN’T Slip On A Phone When He Fell On Stage

Luke Bryan

Let’s go to the replay…

This past weekend, Luke Bryan took a hard fall on stage at Coast City Country in Vancouver, BC, Canada when he seemingly slipped on a phone that somebody had thrown on stage.

After he took the tumble, Luke picked up the phone and even joked that its owner would be hearing from his lawyer:

@dacranch Luke Bryan slips on stage at BC Place. #Lukebryan #loveyoumissyoumeanit #BCPlace #coastcitycountry2024 #ccc2024 #caughtoncamera ♬ original sound – DACRANCH

But after going to tape, it appears that the cell phone may not have been at fault at all, and it may have just been Luke’s own clumsiness that caused him to fall…or something else on the stage.

(And just a note for Hunter Wendelstedt and the MLB, it’s ok to go back and look at the tape to make sure you got a call right).

A video of the fall from a different angle gives us a better look at how the whole thing went down. And upon closer inspection, it doesn’t look like Luke stepped on the cell phone at all before hitting the ground.

You can see in the video that the phone on the stage doesn’t move at all as Luke slips and falls, and was actually on his left side when the fall began with his right leg. In fact, Luke appears to begin his fall before he even reaches the cell phone, which is why it was directly under his leg when he was on the ground and not under his foot.

Now, it does look like there’s some sort of liquid on stage, so maybe that’s what he slipped in. And regardless, it’s still stupid for fans to throw things onstage, especially when the artist isn’t looking and has no idea it’s there.

But in this case, after a video review, it seems that the cell phone may be vindicated in Luke’s slip and fall…

@a.stanhope poor luke 😅 #lukebryan #coastcitycountry #vancouver ♬ original sound – astan

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