Girls Are Throwing Their Panties On Stage For Riley Green Now Too And This Is Getting Out Of Hand…

Riley Green country music

I get it, girls, I really do… but this is getting out of hand.

And in no way, shape, or form am I surprised by this, but as Riley Green continues to play shows across the country for his headlining Ain’t My Last Rodeo tour, he continues to pile up some special gifts from the ladies.

Not long ago, we shared a story about a particular concert in Evansville, Indiana, where there was an incredible amount of bras thrown on stage at him. I mean, just look at this TikTok video Riley’s guitar player shared from the night:

@iamdeforest Small fortune on that headstock! • • • #tour #countrymusic #live #rileygreen #touringmusician #arena #roadlife #fyp ♬ original sound – DeForest

And that’s how it’s looked at plenty of other shows so far too (just take a quick scroll through his recent Instagram posts), and honestly, the bra stuff is pretty funny and harmless. Well, not for the ol’ bank account, because I honestly don’t know how some of y’all afford to throw a nice bra up there, but I digress…

Actually, I still laugh when I think about the girl who threw her pasties on stage during that Indiana show. That is truly so funny to me, and a much more cost effective way to do it too.

But what we really need to talk about today, ladies, is the most recent offense Riley shared on his Instagram stories earlier. Apparently, some of the girlies are taking it a step further by throwing their panties on stage now and I think we might be taking things just a tad bit too far… I mean, this isn’t the The Rolling Stones 1969 American Tour.

I don’t think those panties are going anywhere but straight to the trash (but I could be wrong, to be fair), and some poor venue employee is going to have to go pick all the already-worn underwear up off the stage after and discard of them, which absolutely no one wants to do.

And like I said, I get it… y’all are just having fun, and Riley’s obviously pretty easy on the eyes, but I think we need to stick to bras for now. So far, this is the only photo evidence I’ve seen, but I have a feeling this isn’t the first time someone’s done it, and damn sure won’t be the last.

We’ve all had a little too much tequila or alcohol of that nature at concerts before, and I’m not saying I don’t think it’s funny, either… I actually kind of admire the tenacity and frankness of it in a weird way:

Riley Green country music

Like I said in my post about the bras, throwing undergarments on stage is obviously nothing new when it comes to women and good lookin’ musicians, when you’re a bona fide underwear model and write songs like “Worst Way,” what else can you really expect…


“Worst Way”

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