Almost Every Girl At The Show In Evansville, Indiana Threw Their Bra On Stage For Riley Green

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Evansville, Indiana ladies… you’re my kinda girls.

Riley Green is currently out on the road for his headlining Ain’t My Last Rodeo tour, which made a stop in Evansville on Thursday at the Ford Center. And while, sure, it wasn’t every single girl who threw a bra on stage, the ladies in the hoosier state were ready to get wild.

In a video on TikTok, you can see one bra come flying on stage towards Riley in the bottom right corner during a rousing performance of “Dixieland Delight.”

And if you watch a little bit longer, you can see Riley almost trip on it behind him (it was quite large, and looked expensive so I hope that girl got it back though it’s doubtful, unfortunately), and his guitar player walks up with plenty more dangling from the neck of the guitar.

So yeah, I think they were flying up there all night:

@hannnn_____ Evansville y’all are wild🫣 #rileygreen #aintmylastrodeotour ♬ original sound – Hannah👑

Riley seemed to take in good fun (what guy wouldn’t, though…), sharing some great phots on Instagram with the caption:

“Indiana y’all sure know how to party.”

Major props to his photographer because that first one is a classic… and also, to whoever threw their pasty on stage, major props to you because that is next level dedication and resourceful in terms of making do with what you have (scroll to picture #4 for that):

But hey, when you’re a bona fide underwear model, what else can you really expect…

“Workin’ On Me”

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