“You Better Be Taking Videos” – Brave Bear Cubs Climb Ladder Of Ski Tower In Colorado

bears climb tower at steamboat

Sometimes you’re told news that you simply cannot believe.

That’s what happened to this management team at the Steamboat Ski Resort in Colorado when a couple of brave bear cubs decided they wanted to climb a ski tower. Who knew that bears were capable of climbing up ladders intended for humans?

The trio of intelligent cubs walked right up to the tall tower and two of them nonchalantly started using the ladder like it was second nature. All witnesses could do was stand in awe of the bruins in action while hoping that they stayed safe. Oh, and a lot of people took videos, because you kind of have to in a situation like this, right?

One of the videos captured a resort employee’s radio commentary as she “called in” the rare thing that was taking place right in front of them. She kept things simple as she radioed in to say:

“The bears are climbing the tower.”

That they were. At least two of them were, as the other cub that was running along with them stayed on the ground (probably to keep watch). And once the cubs started climbing, they didn’t waste any time at all. They were scaling that ski tower like they had done so a thousand times before.

Watching bears comfortably and confidently climb a ladder is entertaining, but the real highlight of the video is the response that the resort worker gets through the radio. After a brief pause, a man can be heard saying through the walkie-talkie:

“No way… You better be taking videos.”

Yeah, because it’s truly a “I have to see it to believe it” moment. You can’t just tell someone you saw bears climbing a tower ladder and expect them to take your word for it. You’ve got to bust out this video below to prove it:

As the caption for the post explains, none of the bears cubs ended up being harmed, which to me kind of seems like a miracle. They must have been pretty solid climbers to scale a ski tower like that and just make their way safely back down at some point.

Those on social media that viewed the clip showed concern for the bears and their safety while also making a couple of jokes since all the bears made it out unscathed:

“Oh my goodness. No fear in those cubs.”

“Three points of contact at all times. Well trained bears.”

“No harnesses? ‘Come with me, and you’ll see, a world of OSHA violations…'”

“They are just the summer chair lift maintenance crew.”

“The radio call is an all timer.”

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