Miranda Lambert Teases Announcement Coming Tomorrow

Miranda Lambert country music

Miranda Lambert has somethin’ up her sleeve.

And I can’t wait…

The country superstar has been teasing some sort of song or album for a few days now, sharing several clips on her social media accounts that feature tons of footage old videos where she was her most sassy, and scorned, self:

And on Saturday, she shared this graphic with a very simple, yet effective, message that read:

“Warning: Hell hath no furry like a woman scorned” 

Amen to that, queen. That’s one of my favorite quotes, so I’m already on board with all of this. When you text the number listed on the graphic, it eventually leads you to a teaser of an unreleased song that’s a bit longer than what she’s shared on social media so far that includes the following lyric:

“She set it all on fire, and if there’s one thing that she learned…”

You can probably guess the rest of that one, and I am so here for it:

And just now, she shared another teaser with some of the aforementioned songs and some of a new one, saying there’s an “announcement tomorrow”:

“Burning shit since 1983. Announcement tomorrow…”

This fiery version of Miranda is my absolute favorite, from “Kerosene” to “Gunpowder & Lead” and “Mama’s Broken Heart,” I love her “take no prisoners” attitude and take on country music that gave her a real start in the genre way back when.

I’m guessing that she has some sort of single on the way, at the very least, and hopefully, it also means there’s an album on the way too. Miranda left her longtime label Sony last year, and started a new venture as partner at a brand new label, Big Loud Texas. In terms of her solo music, though, there hasn’t been much in a while now, and she put out her most recent record Palomino back in 2022.

Hopefully, though, that’s all about to change…


“Gunpowder & Lead”

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