Elk Hunter Stumbles Upon Donkey Who Has Been Adopted By The Herd

Hunter finds elk donkey
Max Fennell

Elk hunting often takes people far out into the woods, with people hoping to find a herd somewhere in the mountains or plains. Elk are one of the most sought after game animals in North America. Beyond being very cool looking, especially when sporting massive antlers, they are also delicious and large enough to provide a lot of meat. These beasts reach weights of 1,000 pounds.

Elk are social animals, often traveling in a herd. Cows and their young make up most of the herd, while bulls will compete during the rut for the right to the herd, locking antlers to show which bull is most dominant.

Typically, these herds consist of just elk. But, sometimes when their territory overlaps with agricultural ground, strange things can happen. Clearly, something along those lines must have happened here.

This hunter was out for a day of looking for elk when he came across the most unexpected and wild thing. As he glassed up a herd of elk, one of them didn’t look right. That’s because it was as a donkey. The donkey is seen clearly living with the herd, just as if he were an elk.

The hunter says:

“Probably one of my wildest hunting trips to date. I bumped into a herd of elk that have adopted a donkey. I can’t get over seeing it and I’m amazed that the donkey looks happy and healthy!”

However, one of the comments claimed the donkey, explaining that it was supposed to be his pack-out donkey, but it ran off:

“That is in fact Diesel. He got away from me while packing out there 5 years ago. It was heartbreaking at the time. Glad to see he is helping the heard grow.” 

Wild… either way, that donkey is officially an elk now. There’s no turning back.

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